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Fab 8 manufactured a lot of legacy products. The main consumer of these products is the automotive industry. Fab 8 is the only Intel's plant that manufactures automotive products — Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) and engine controls. The clients are leading world manufacturers  Bosch, Ford, Siemens, and Motorola. It also manufacturers solutions that combine microcontrollers and flash memory. In this case, the consumer of such solutions, called Electronic Stability Program (ESP), is Bosch.

The second type of products was the 51-series (8-bit) and 96-series (16-bit)  microcontrollers, which are used in commercial and industry solutions — Point of Sales, industrial control, medical equipment, telecom devices. Such products are ordered both by OEM companies (Nortel, Lucent, Ericsson) as well as distributors (Arrow, Avent, Hamilton).

Strange as it may seem, the next line of products is x86 processors of the three generations — 186, 386, and 486. These processors, manufactured by this plant in large quantities in the past (for example, Fab 8 manufactured up to 50% of the total volume of 386 processors) and being the heart of personal computers, are now manufactured in small quantities and are used in POS, modems, GPS solutions due to their reliability and utility. That's why consumers of x86 products from this plant are the leading companies - IBM, NEC, and Garmlin.

And finally, we shouldn't forget about Intel's presence on the RISC-processors market. i960-series processors in several modifications with various performance levels are used in network solutions, telecom equipment, and printers. Nokia, Cisco, Alcatel, and HP consume RISC-solutions from Intel.



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