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In 2004 it was clear to me that my Job was going to stop at the end of 2007 as I was working on the over 100 legacy products where the main products were 88C196EC was going to be stopped being used by  Bosch  it was clear that the 100 legacy poducts were closing in 2007

See my Plans for career development in my project section how I tried to gain relevant skills with no employers help .


Taken from the Presentation  at the end of 2006 where it showed that the Fab was closing and that it was clear from the previous year 
One can see that from December 2005 fab 8 was closing all I asked was Guidance and Internal Support to  gain upskills that was at no
or very small cost to my employer Intel.

  What I got was I was made a Anchor for the Fab8 in 2006 unable to apply for a Job outside Fab 8. 
  What I got was Closeure team in 2007 unable to apply for a job H1 2007.

  Second half 2007 and January to March 2008 I got the answer You do not have the Correct skills for the Jobs.

 Well if Intel was not a partner from 2004 to prepair the skills needed in 2008  





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