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I Joined Telkor in 1992 in South Africa The company made payphones and parking

 solutions The company was  a great place to work and I learned a lot from the way

the company worked was  sucsessfull f. Telkor Gained 12% of the payphone 1992

market in eastern europe and was taken over by TMSA in what was for me a very

traumatic take over as I was one of the ten people who moved the Telkor  products to TMSA.


Moving from a Young Vibrant company to TMSA was a culture shock.TMSA was in 1994 a old style

company. I saw a factory of over 700 people crash  when Telkor closed   


My Job at Telkor and Later at TMSA was related to coin recognition that may seem a simple Job
 but it was in fact very involved The phones were for a large part made for eastern europe were
many diffrent coins put into the example is hungary where the  old 5 forrent coin
was legal tender but the Ugoslavian 10 Dinnar was almost the same coin but 1 percent of the
value of the 5 forrent.


I needed to make the Phone accept 90% of 5-forint and reject 90% of 10 dinnar ( From -25 degrees to 30 degrees )  

  look at the Exchange rate between these coins.  ( I spent many hours in a cold room at -25 degrees getting the system to meet

the 90% spec.

Reforms of the Yugoslav dinar
DateConversion Rate
January 1, 1966100
January 1, 199010,000
July 1, 199210
October 1, 19931,000,000
January 1, 19941,000,000,000
January 24, 1994~13 million


10 Dinar Yugoslav


5fHUFf 5 1948



 Here is a quote from the book below there it talks About Telkor  






 page 199-200







14 years years later I still have the letter I got when I left Telkor TMSA written by a Man I respected who knew how I stood fast

when our whole world was crashing down as we moved from the Dynamic  Telkor  to TEMSA that was part of the dark ages.





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