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Hi my name is Arie Lashansky I am a Practical Electronic Engineer with Twenty years experience in

 the Electronics Industry  in Israel and in South Africa.When I started to work in 1988 I was working on a

Z80 boards using CPM3 as its operating system  lots of Pals 16L8 I geatest thing then was the move

from 16L8 and 16R8  to a 16V8  great stuff I was able to reprogram and use one type of Gal on the whole board.

Twenty years Later I use VHDL to build logic that contains Thousands of 16V8.


But I never forget the way it was as a bench Technican  with printouts CUPL and a Scope.

Most engineers today have no Idea of the past and were in grade school twenty years back. 

I knew all almost all the TTL chips found on common boards 74LS244 address lines 74LS245 data pin 1 and 11 control. In MCS51 74LS373 an 74ls573as data latch.




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