1 88C196EC IPD Ratio
      Was a when I saw the root cause of a bad Testing Practise that allowed fab 8 
      to Close three months  earlyier as the problem did not allow 25% of the tester 
      to run the main runner product.
   2  Dpac                       :  
      Was the project to change the frequency of the calibration of this module.
   3  Automation            : 
       Probe card damage was fixing of automation that damaged probe cards.

   4  Qrom End Of life     :  
      Was fixing of a old Tester Platform to avoid a "Product Discontinuation Notice "in 2005.
   5   Calibration             :  
       Was the setting up of calibration of the Standard Boards of the Trillium Tester.



                                               PRIVATE PROJECTS 

  1   Probe Quality check:
      This was private project to check wafer probing. 100% private project no Intel 
       work hours Used.
  2   FPGA Design:  
      The chip  I built in VHDL eamples code for example the 
        RGB pwm controler in VHDL using SRL 

  3   Smt & BGA : 
       My Learning of how to work with Smt&BGA upgrade of my WorkBench to Smt work.
  4   Career Development:
      The private courses between 2004-2008 VHDL Verilog 
  5   Thermography:          
       A project to see if one can detect cancer using a  Simple sensor (Still ongoing )
  6    Power up current Issue 88C196ec.
       In 2004 Intel Launched the 88CO196EC at that time they put out a Spec update
       the only Public Document that the "Jerusalem Automotive Division" Existed.
       I was troubled by the way a report of Hight current Drawn on power up
       by the chip was called a  Observation.I tried to find the root cause.



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