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The Qrom Products were products where the customer sent Intel the hex file of the devices he needed

and Intel programmed them into OTP chips before shipping them to the customer.This was done to save

the customer from making a "masked rom" for his product and the customer did not want to do In-house

burning of the chips.


In 2005 Intel test site wrote a "PDN" Product Discontinuation Notice that they were no longer going to support the

T94  Programmer Tester due to the fact that the parts were Obsolete.The Fab estimated that this "PDN" was going

to cause a loss of 100 wafers per week.   


I was asked By the Jerusalem Automotive Department  to Do a NPI of one of the Qrom products based

on the 87kd196.I set up a known working tester and programmed a chip and tested the chip on trillium

 VLSI tester.I now began to repair the boards sent from the Test site.

Most of the boards had a common fault with a blown op-amp  this was caused by testing a bad chip with VCC shorted.

The PDN was canceled and the QROM products ran up until 2008 when the whole mcs51 mcs88 mcs196 was stopped

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