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I now create a block ram to store the data that need to be sent to the display the ram needs to be 25*80.

 Lets say I store 13h in postion  00h  

 For the    first 8 clock cycles  the   Colum Counter is 00hex  and   Row Counter  the  is also 13hex

I now moved on to make a full VGA port 25 * 80  using a 2k block ram to store the data that needed to be sent to the screen.
I kept to a very simple 8*8 font for simple addressing.The three two  lower bits address the  data and the upper three the lines



     I  output  13hex for all  the whole time I am at row 0 colum 0  I address the rom holding  
     font  with 13h  with the 6 lower bits.(postion in font)



I now take the ouput of this and send it out to a VGA monitor on RGB lines




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