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 Lets Start out explanining  what is a fpga it is not the first programmable chip
I worked with simple PLD chips as far back as 1988 the 16L8 using Cupl on old Z80

Now in 2004 after I had been at intel 9 years and had  unsurepassed experience on on
VLSI testing at the wafer Level I looked to move on from Test to do verification.


I sat down and build a plan that span 4 years on how I planned to upgrade my skills.
Even if I had a Msc or phd in electronics from 1985 I will have still needed to do the
following courses.
The first program that did l logic synthesis was used in 1985 as well as VHDL and Verilog
only became standard.
I also believed that I had my employers backing.Fool me for believing in Intel

 I started to look for a project were I can build the hardware.but I did not want to make a compiler.
the 6502up was the most logical chip to clone as the IP belongs to MOS semiconductor that went
bancrupt in the 1980's. For those of us old enough to remember.
it was used in the Atari and Vic20 and the old Apple 2e.
I is obvious I can not clone a mcs51 mcs88 or mcs96 if I am working at Intel with the test programs of those chips

The chip still had over 150 opcodes that I needed to make in VHDL.But I had three years to do it from 2004 to 2007
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