I just got my Stencil Printer from Aliexpress 


It cost 100us including shipping  but has one big limitation it is only the pcb needs to be flat on the surface.

If I need to print on both sides I need to buy a printer that can have a offset so I can place the pcb above the surface. about 5 times the price.


Here is the solution  that saved me 400us and getting a double tool for 100usd.

I printed plastic blocks with a groove of 1.6mm in the top 21.6mm high  and a hole in the bottom for a  neodymium Magnet in the bottom that I glued into place with
ABS plastic melted in  acetone. From the cheap I3 Sunhokey reprap.

I still need to do some welding on making the frame for the Stencil as the one it came with is too small and is Aluminium my plan is use a large number of magnets to hold
the strencil in place.

It may not be the best solution but it saves me about 400$ on the price of the Tool.Next up is the Pick & Place tool using Openpnp 





2015 cheap price manual stencil printer machine

Top Tool 500$    including Shipping   Bottom Tool 100$  including shipping




 3d Printed  Model to Standoff the PCB


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