Project Ideas for FPGA  Board design from April 2114 to August 2114.

    The system needs to use all aspects of past courses in the FPGA as well as board design including ddr2.
    I have decided to go with a   Video Interface with Finding  Predestrians.



    VGA  Camera     (camera working on fpga from youtube)    ( Camera working on Spartan 6)



      XC6SLX16 seems the right type of FPGA for this Project where I expect the limiting issue to be
    Block Rams both have 64 bockrams of 9k or 32 at 18k.   (34usd )


    VGA to QVGA

    I will drop every second Pixel in 640*480  to get to 320*240  and skip every second line .
    From the QVGA  to the image.The LCD is 320*240;

    Convert to Black&White

    Edge filter

    Range finder

         Distance to Object  measumernts.   IR bounce back from Objects  (Angle of reflected IR beam tells Distance).
       Object getting  bigger or smaller in image closer or further away.





    Difference between   project and course project

    AVR    is replaced by  LPC1768     M3.
    No need for ft232 as LPC1768 has usb both slave and host
    128mb   serial nor flash is ok (fpga bitstream even if it is big)
    vco (ok)
    jtag (ok)
    DDR 512 mb  (ok  I need 32bit wide from MIG)

    Single port Ethernet transceiver (  ok  but on the LPC1768 with it’s internal mac)

    (  National TI  DP83848  (QFP)  and   RJ45 with internal transformer )   transformer-magnetics-Tab/910432_540659130.html    (3.03usd)

    20 gpio to tp   ( I want 40 pins to 0.1inch header 90 degrees or some hi-rise  connecter high speed)
    user rest switch (tactile with rc  delay)
    Leds   (power  done  and two more)              Dip switch  (ok  )

      ( mode Jumpers )

    Jtag  chain both LPC1768 and FPGA. Or two JTAG ports    1 xilinx   1 ARM (Jlink);
    Camera data and sync to FPGA
    Camera control port from LPC1768;
    32bit bus from lpc1768 to fpga  + hsync vsync ( Y8 R8 G8 B8)
    LPC1768 to 3.2 inch Touch screen   TFT (TBD bit  copy of landtiger board)  sd card ;

    ARM  system


    Prototype pcb 4 layers

    Not 3.5cm * 7.5cm 

    Aim to build board on the size of the lcd as a pigiback about 80mm*100mm

    Reset and dip switches  RJ45 and usb  as well as leds  (not covered by lcd)


    Lcd size

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