The Solar MPPT project Is a project that I have been thinking of for a few years

    I started  doing a PIC mppt idea But progressed into a more practical idea  using

    a array of sp1020 modules all micro controler  controled with wifi and gprs   communication

    to the PV solar system.


    1.I aim to measure the power produced by each Solar Panel 

    2.Each Module will output 25 volts  then balanced to the load the modules will have some protection so one module will not affect the next.

    3.The Arm m3 (lpc1768)   will control the outputs and measure the current from the PV

    4. The current to the load will be measured by hall effect scs712 here I will buffer the output and measure relative to 2.5v mid vcc

    5  The batteries may be lead acid or may may be lifepo4      (with a load dc/dc isolated  supply used to balance the batteries   not switched resistors  )

    6. The  power buss connecting the modules needs to me bus sbar able to deal with over 100 amps flowing 24v *100amps 2kw  

    7 The output will be also set to balance the modules


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