OpenPnP is a SMD Pick& Place  project to create hardware and software for a completely Open Source SMT pick and place machine that cost about 1000$  in partswith a Top and Bottom Vision System.

    Steps Taken  before I started  my Build.
    1. Setting the Goals for the system In need Parts that are as small as 0402 TSOC and QPF QFN  parts ( Not BGA )From the Forums this seems a practical solution.

    2. At the time I started looking at the project the design was done in cubify invent a software package that costs 200$
      the software looks like it is end of life as it has not been updated for over 3 years.I was using freecad   I downloaded the demo but did not have a like the software. A the time
    the project only had a top camera and no angular correction.

    In order to go proceed I invested in a Reprap I3 to create the parts and began learning freecad. while following the project in the
    google forum.

    Over the last year and a Half I have seen lots of improvements

    1.The open pnp design was ported to fusion 360

    fusion 360 master project   ( No Bottom Vision )

    Fusion 360 Project Development  (Updated)

    A second version  of the hardware was created by

    The second version was also on   fusion 360 but he did not design a Head used a pre-made version from China.
    Hackerday project on Fusion 360

    A second Project Created a ICE-PICK  Where a head was designed for the Hackerday Project

    Ice-Pick Project on Fusion 360

    A head Juki  changer was reverse redesigned designed by the group openpnp group  and made by a group member.
    Link to Juki Holder

    The Juki changer in Action and a link to His Files

    At This Time I began lot look for parts In Israel based on then both versions of the project the Hackerday and the Openbuilds. Very
    soon I found that it was not possible to get most of the parts local My second option was to get the parts from the USA and China.

    Here are Links to the main parts from China.

    Nema 17 Motors ,Hollow stepper *2,Z Linear rails,RC servo for feaders,Open builds ordered  (not used as I built the hackerday design)
    OpenBuilds,Open Builds eccentric,Open builds pillar ,bearings,Pulley,Vacuum Pump,Main Rails Linear,V rails,Cameras,Smoothy Style Controler (Gcode),Full Set of Juki Heads ,vacuum contol,Rotary Joint and Simple Juki mounts ( Not production style) ,power supply

    After recieving the parts The Build began I had all the 3d printed parts for both versions printed but design is still not final
    and I began to redesign parts of the design going with the current flow in the forum.the two main changes is am doing
    is one using a belt drive for Z movement not the the direct pulley.And changing the Y mounts  for the GT2 Belt 

     My version of the gt2 belt ( Idea taken from forum "Robo") Done in Fusion 360 I am Still Learning The Program I have been using
    Freecad as I prefer to avoid proprietary software.Fusion 360 is free for enthusiasts so time to gain skills on Fusion 360.!searchin/openpnp/robo%7Csort:relevance/openpnp/HxfYP5Gs_-o/O8KVgEFvAAAJ















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