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    As part of the Group working on the Kicad open Ventilator  Project, I looked at the  Display Board made by Clairitec.

    I joined the group doing  mainly BOM issues I had hasted time on an Arduino Based Israeli
    The ventilator that was dead in the water it was more a Public Relations exercise. When I Joined
    the only Board that the team designed was the LCD board. I was under the impression that the
    CPU board created a Bitmap and that this Bitmap was sent to the LCD.

    To add to my mistake I looked at the Datasheet for the original LCD. It Looked Like the LCD FPGA was

    Just a Buffer A0-A3 Clocked out on the /WR Line and  D0-D3 clocked in on the LCD . All Bitmap creation on the
    STM10. I did not Dig Deeper into the function as it seemed the Epson Chip was not used . I did not even look at the Datasheet.

    My first Idea was to Just Stream the 320*240 Bitmap via  SPI  to a cheap  5$ Display ILI9341

    U32 is an SPI  Flash and the back pins of the display connector on the PCB are not Used. This was Rejected it will not have worked
    see Below. The Bitmap is created in the Epson Chip



    Datasheet. My issue was that it seemed we were using  a 35$ Artex  I  saw no reason to use a device bigger than a
    a Spartan6 XL16 as a buffer is we were using a I 320*240  = 77.760  Pixels.  9720 Bytes this fits into blockram no external
    Ram needed I even created a RTL diagram to do VHDL. Here Too I was wrong A0-03 is not the Pixel Data.




     See the Two images of the Original and the Teams Board .


    Original  STM Micro and Epson Chip

    Our Version a Much Larger FPGA no STM no Epson.