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    Here is an example from Page 106 the Bitmap is not Created By the STM10 Micro it is created by the EPSON the same is true for the Windows and menus.
    I suspect the Large External Ram Stores all the Menus. But Judging my current Form I may be very wrong it is not a day or two simple RTL VHDL.

    Epson  Datasheet  Page 105 - 106


    The  Solution is not Simple to recreate an S1D13700  buffer and STM is a Tall order This is my First look at the Board .

    Ok  Now the SID13700 is no longer manufactured but The Compatible chips exist the one In Question is called  RA8835P3N  even better it is in many LCD panels that are sold off the shelf.

    Search On Alibaba about 20$  per LCD

    Next Step I looked at How The Chips Power On  and Start up code.
    Page 60                                                                                                                                                       EPSON  Page 105  page 106

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