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    I have contacted  Twitter to tell Them  I find the action  Defamation of a Minor and bulling I am sharing this with the defense team for the Boy as I truly think the Actions
    of Twitter Break the Law


     I need all records of correspondence with me over my  Tweet of  31 August saved as it Relates to the unlawful Defamation of a minor and bulling.

    In the  same way as the Defamation against an Innocent  17 Year old that was attacked and had to
    Fight Back.

    This is being sent to the Layers for the Boy. The Truth is out  and  Twitter Defamed a 17 year old boy
    and tried to bully people that had guts to Stood up for him.

    I will not be forced to remove my comment. That Glorified  the Bavery of an Innocent  Boy protecting
    property against the Mob 

            Note  How  the DailyMail called the Boy the Gun Man and  not the Victim of The Mob  and had to Fight Back
         Here is Proof .