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    For the last Twenty Five years I have had some type of electronic workshop from a simple antex soldering
    iron while growing up to my current.I in 2006 wanted to build my own FPGA hardware from scratch.
    I planned to use a bga Spartan 3 with 676  solder balls.With  a power supply using the TPS75003.
    I had never designed for a bga or for was pcb board that had more than two layers.I was also using a free
    version of eagle pcb.

    I started by getting the tools from China almost all my tools are cheap copies of branded name tools. I only
    later found how difficult it is to route  a bga chip I was a lot better off doing the design and getting it made
    and populated the route I took was a dead end.I once again needed guidance from

    Intel engineers who new the pitfalls in BGA pcb. 


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