In 2006 intel Fab 8 got a large order for a product with the nickname Qgum.All I know was that
    this product was a communications chip for Qualcom.The Chip used 128 tester channels to test
    the chip this proved a problem as in the previous years we had downgraded all except for two
    tester to a 127 pin tester.

    This made the Wafer sort Test of this device a major contraint. One Pin too many for 80% of the testers.
    At a closer look I saw that there were in total on 127 pins  and the pin 128 was a pin used for a test called
    "VCC SHORTS TEST" .This test is a way of protecting the Tester From damage  if the device under test is

    The  normal Intel way of doing this test is by applying current and measuring voltage and not to apply voltage
    and measure current.

    The Test Program to took a short to change from a apply current and measure voltage to apply voltage measure current.
    With Current limit to protect the testers power supply.In this way we were able to test this product on all the testers on
    the Sort Floor.

    The red tape getting white paper to pass was endless as we did not go the test the way the Intel Rule book said.  

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