The Dpac Board was part of the Trillium Tester added on test  devises with a "Analogue to Digital convertor " 

     It uses four  tester channels  to control the D2A the idea being that you can ramp a voltage at a higher  speed

    than if you were to ramp using the testers levels command. 

    I was asked to move the maintenance from weekly to monthly.

    I gathered calibration data and saw no change over time of the Raw calibration.

    I aslo noted that the Dpac had a 16bit resolution on the analogue output and the P629 chips only had a 10bit A2D converter.


    I wrote the white paper and moved the maintenance from weekly to monthly 4 hours of Down time  was saved per week on

    16 testers.A quater of a hour her tester per week.

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